Literary Cleveland–Real Talk: Finding a Literary Agent

Apr. 04, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Authors Huda Al-Marashi and Laura Maylene Walter share their experiences searching for, signing with, and working with their literary agents, all while offering practical tips for writers currently on the agent hunt. With years of querying experience between them, Huda and Laura will discuss the challenges of finding an agent in today’s publishing landscape, why having an agent is important (or why it might not be), querying etiquette, and what writers can expect from the agent-author relationship. Optional: Attendees may bring a hard copy of their query letter (limited to one page) for the chance to workshop, time permitting. Queries will be chosen for discussion via random lottery. Open to writers of all levels. Led by authors Laura Maylene Walter and Huda Al-Marashi.